Webcam Covers for Privacy & Security

A webcam cover for your laptop or computer camera is your best security defense against webcam hacking and protects your privacy. Buy a webcam cover today for your business or home.

Buy it now in bulk, create a custom web cam cover design for your company, or buy single covers for your home.

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Safe, Reusable Cover that’s 100% Hacker Proof – Life Time Guarantee

  • No Double Sided Tape or Static Cling Vinyl
  • Hi-Tech material that makes your webcam private, safe and secure for years
  • Sticks to ANY electronic surface – Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone
  • A webcam cover is a fool proof way to protect your privacy

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General Features & Specifications

  • Hyperfine Thin Design: 0.5mm thin– the thinnest on the market!
  • Universally works with all laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Proprietary stick-on, glue-free material  which will not scratch or leave residue.
  • Works for years – Over 250,000 easy applications on any electronic surface. It will outlive your laptop.
  • Subtle and unobtrusive designs without any visual distractions.
  • Size: 16mm in total area and 0.5mm thick
  • Life Cycle: Over 250,000 uses
  • Material: Propriety Organic Polymer which safely sticks to any electronics surface: plastics, painted plastic, glass, metal.

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