Medical Webcam Covers

HIPPA Medical Device Webcam Covers

Nurse with a laptop webcam cover

HIPAA requires security on all levels so to secure all webcams within your health care network. Medical webcam covers should be deployed and provided if you are using:

  • Laptops with integrated webcams
  • Smart phones with webcams
  • Monitors or desktops with integrated webcams
  • Tablets
  • iPads

If only all administrators could simply disable the webcam software and the problem solved…you need a hardware solution to have 100% effective and affordable webcam security and patient privacy. The only way to be sure 100% privacy protection is in place for your patients is a Webcam Cover. This product is thin and will stick to any dry electronic surface. It will not harm equipment and durable enough for 250,000 applications. They were designed for the environment medical professionals deal with everyday and come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Many hospitals and healthcare providers are customizing their webcam covers to ensure standardization and use it as reminder to their patient that their privacy is being respected and protected. Click here to order custom webcam covers.

Repeatedly, companies have had their names dragged through the news because adequate measures and security practices were not in place. Plan ahead and stop cyber threats. Cover your webcam and protect your patient and business data now.

Nurse with laptop

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