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Who is Hacking Your WebCam and How to Get Your Privacy Back

NSA, CIA, FBI, PRISM, Flame, FinSpy, FinFisher, Google, Skype, Facebook, Apple, RATS and Hackers all have one thing in common – they can control your computer, your web camera and they all want your data. The US government program and agencies have confirmed what many thought were just a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare-Big Brother is […]

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Do You Leave All the Doors Unlocked at Your Business?

Protecting your company’s information today is an unquestionable goal for any organization. Millions are spent on security hardware and software every year by companies trying to accomplish this requirement. As hackers get more sophisticated and integrated cameras are in most web connect devices this is sometimes overlooked by many IT risk mitigation audit teams. When […]

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We Can See You

The threat of spying, computer peeping or video monitoring with integrated web cameras is a growing problem. There are numerous reports of companies spying on employees in their homes, tech support groups spying on customers, schools monitoring children, and customers being tracked with their smart phones and tablets. No one has the right to monitor […]

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Accept Credit Cards Online