Top 7 Tips to Make Sure Your WebCam is Secure

Webcameras are great. You can Skype with friend across the world, see your grandchildren growing up and you can skip that flight to Boise because you can join it virtually all through your webcam. Like almost all technology it’s a double edge sword. Companies, hackers, government agencies have all been caught or admitted to accessing and turning on web cameras without your permission. Where’s your laptop now? Do you ever use it in your bedroom or a hotel room that’s small? Do you have it in an important business meeting? Use it in a R&D lab? Take some simple precaution to make sure your web cam is secure and your privacy is protected

1. Use a Webcam Cover When it’s not in Use

WebCam Cover makes the best one. Have it covering your webcam when you are using it to know it’s truly off. Peel and place it to the side to use only when you need to use it. It looks professional, doesn’t have any detracting writing on it and is reusable 200,000 times. Tape or a band-aid isn’t the right tool for the job and look foolish.

2. Install Anti-Virus Software – Increase your Web Camera Security

McAffee or Karpersky are the best paid one. Trend Micro is the best we’ve seen for free. Keep them updated as new virus come out all the time.

3. Don’t click on that odd Email Link

Sorry you don’t have $4,000,000 sitting in a bank in Nigeria. If it smells fishy it is fishy.

4. Don’t accept data sticks from people

Use Dropbox or a GDrive. Stunext, Flame and many other virus where spread this way. This is one of the easiest ways to infect a computer besides a Trojan email or a scam site.

5. Surf smart

Have your browsers’ security in high protection mode. Check your settings and ensure your not an open book to any website you. Do not accept data from a source that is not trusted.

6. Backup you Data

Sometime the only way to get rid of virus is to start over and reformat. An external hard drive, DVD burner or a site that let’s you backup into the cloud are all great choices.

7. The Web Cam has a Green Light so I’m safe

Software drivers control both the web cam and the LED. It can be hacked like any software can. The design trends are to eliminate these too. If you look at Apple’s product line – none of their products have them.

Remember cover your web camera when it’s not in use with a Web Cam Blocker, install anti-virus software and follow these tips to make sure your webcam is secure and your privacy is safe!


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