Samsung Gets Help with Web Camera Cover!


Samsung-web-cam-coverLess than 100 miles outside of Seoul, Korea is one of the world’s largest semiconductor fabrication plants owned by one of the world largest companies – Samsung. I went for a business trip and after we were greeted we started going through security.

Security recorded our passport number and wrote down every serial number on every electronic device, which made me strangely long for the TSA. After this we went to an inspection station where all of our laptops were inspected. If the laptop had a webcam it was covered with masking tape to ensure the web camera was secured and covered. This semiconductor factory is impressive. They make everything from the chips that allow you to make a call on your cell phone, store a picture on your digital camera and the processors that power some of Apple’s most popular devices. It’s a very long and involved organic chemistry and electrical engineering process which produces many of the chips used in gadgets we all carry and use every day.

After we left I opened my laptop and wondered why would a company that works on the sub-micron level and has an almost endless amount of resources had used such a crude method of web camera security? Certainly they knew that having webcam protection was important, but masking tape left residue which I had to scrape off with my finger nail. There must be a right tool for the job of webcam covers. Did the problem even exist? I researched and found that yes, anyone with a laptop web camera can have it turned on without them knowing it by an administor of that computer. Computers could also be easily hacked to give anyone access to it.
I started to search for the best way to prevent webcam hacking and provide a webcam cover that would be reusable, thin and be 100% hacker proof. I found a high-tech organic polymer primarily used in Germany and Japan that met all of the criteria. It’s thin enough to cover the web cam on a Mac Book Air or Ultra Book without preventing it from going into sleep mode. It can stick to any dry surface used in electronics so you don’t have to worry if the surface is painted, glass or plastic. It covers web cameras on tablets, smart phones and laptops to give web cam privacy to all. You peel it off when you want to use your web camera and after you’re done you cover the web cam to ensure you have privacy, protection and security. Web Camera Blocker is the best web cam cover to prevent a web cam spy and give you web cam security that software cannot.  The cost is less than a roll of masking tape and allows you to cover your web camera 200,000 times.

My final test was to go back to South Korea and see what Samsung thought. They now issue these to all visitors which is the best compliment I could ask for.


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