WebCam Hacker Interview

What makes someone what to hack someone’s webcam? Is there a need for a WebCam Cover or can they hack it? These are some of the questions and answers that were shared with us when we interviewed an admitted webcam hacker. They agreed to the interview but did not agree (for obvious reasons) to reveal their names.WebCam-Cover-Hacker

Interviewer (italics)
So, how easy is it and how would one hack a webcam on someone’s laptop or computer?

Hacker (non-italics)
Really simple. You can download programs that can do it automatically. You can pay people to help you set it up. People do it for free. Loads of tutorials and ways to do it. If you double click on this EXE file you can. If you send them that do that you can basically do anything to their computer. They open the file.

Why would I double click on this icon?

Maybe cause something you wanted to be. Maybe it’s a program you can get for free, or something.

Got you. So maybe it’s something, a music file or a link or something like that.

Uh, yeah.

How many people do you think that you’ve infected?

I think I ended up giving a peek to a hundred.

So you did it for a bit of a laugh?

Yeah. I don’t do it for anything serious, like, stealing people’s money and stuff. I just did it to troll people, mainly.

Yeah. What happens when you do it then? Give me a situation that particularly was amusing for you.

Um. Like opening up, do you know what a “screamer” is? It’s like, open up a web page and I mean, there is like a scary face and it’s a person screaming. (xxx)
I sent to their computer, opened up and they got so scared and stuff. It was quite.. (laughs)

What happened when they got scared?

They just turned off their computer. Or walked away.

Yeah. I bet. Right. And you’re just having a laugh.


And obviously, getting to their webcam is the thing? Isn’t it?

Yeah. You don’t need anything special to get their webcam. You don’t need anything, really. You just need a program to run. And then to get them on your server.

Watching people on their webcam though, that can be a bit pervy, couldn’t it?

Yeah it is. Like, I remember some people on the forum, are like “Sexy Slaves”, but it’s kinda like, really pervy. Like kind of cringey. Just sitting there like, trying to find girls and just staring at them. Without them even knowing.

Did you know anyone that did that?

No. I didn’t really talk to them that much, ‘cause I sort of didn’t really agree with it.

What do you mean by, “Slaves”?

Oh a slave is someone who is on your RAT and you can do whatever you want with. They’re sort of like your slave.

It’s like you have control. You have dominion.

Yeah. Or somebody.

And they’re your playthings. That’s the type of thing, isn’t it?


Worrying, though. If people were to do this to kids. Isn’t it?

Yeah. Some people do some really weird things. Not all administration tools are wrong though, ‘cause they have a lot of legitimate reasons. Say if you’re a father and you want to keep an eye on what your children are looking at they can use one on their computer to monitor them.

How many people are doing it for bad reasons, do you think?

Oh, loads of people. There are so many people doing this sort of stuff. It’s not anything, like, it’s not hard to do so loads of people do it. I’m on forums now and there’s 428,000 posts on the tutorials. Administration tools, which is what we have been talking about now, there’s probably going to be much more than that.

Those are people trying to find out how to do it?


And did you ever catch anyone trying to do anything bad? When you were looking at them? When you were monitoring them?

Um. Not really anything that bad.

You didn’t see anyone looking at abusive images or porn or anything like that?

I’ve seen a few of that. So I just close it off to that. Because I don’t really want to stay there watching that, to be honest.

So you were watching them, watching?

Not watching them, properly. As soon as I saw it was porn I closed it down and went to a different person. I did pretend to be the FBI when somebody went to illegal sites.

So you pretended to be the FBI. What did you say?

I said, “Do you realize what you’re doing?” and he got all scared and stuff. It’s really funny. (laughs)

You realize that all this stuff you’re doing is highly illegal?


When you were doing it, did you think about that?

Not really, ‘cause when I was doing it I took some precautions to make sure I wasn’t going to get caught.

If someone has a WebCam Cover physically covering their webcam – can you hack through that?

Like on top of the WebCam – no not unless I was physically in the room. Nothing could hack it.

Do you feel bad about violating people’s privacy?

Um. Um. I do sort of feel bad. But at the time, you’re sort of having a laugh. And it wasn’t like I was hurting anyone. But. Per se. Sort of thing.

No, but you scared people a lot. I’d have been scared.

Yeah. But, it’s not anything that could last for a lifetime. It’s just a little shock, and you will get over it in a few days or something. So, other people out there, doing it for money and stuff, it’s going to take them a long time to recuperate from that, isn’t it? You won’t go out on the street and just mug somebody, so why would you do it online?

Do they see it differently?

Yeah, I think they do. Most of them see it, giving justice to the system.

Right, right. Social revolutionaries.

Stuff like that. Delusional.

I’m going to be careful what I click on.

Yeah. You should.

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