So You Want to Put a Strip of Tape On Your Laptop Camera?

Posted by Richard Ralston on

As hacking scandals and sextortion schemes show up more and more often in the news, it can feel like there’s no real way to keep yourself safe. Luckily, when it comes to someone trying to hack your laptop camera, there’s one thing you can use that’s simple, inexpensive, FBI-approved and will do the trick completely: a piece of tape.

Great question but the wrong solution!

Most laptops range from $300-$2500. It’s a large investment for most people. We think that tape is a tacky way to cover you webcam. Every time you remove the tape glue residue from the tape will stay on the lens cover for the camera. If you never take it off and go to sell your computer, compare it to the joy of removing a bumper sticker from your car before you sell it kind of fun.

Web Camera Cover will not harm you device with sticky glue or permanently affix to your screen like tape can. It will last 300,000 time and for $5 that will save up a lot of money to buy something better then tape. Get the right tool for the job!

So why would you cover your camera? Your laptop camera is hackable, and it’s not even terribly difficult to do that. Using a remote administration tool, hackers can easily get access to your files, your private data and a live feed from your webcam from anywhere in the world.