Cyber Defense Kit - 10 Webcam Covers, 2 Mic-Locks, 1 USB Data Blocker, 1 RFID Bag

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This all-in-one package offers full coverage against cyber attackers attempting to spy on you and your family through your laptops, phones, and tablets.

•10 webcam covers: Inspired by the tiny pads on a gecko’s toes, these removable covers can be used up to 300,000 times each without leaving a sticky residue.

•2 Mic-Locks: Patented microphone blockers plug directly into your laptop, phone or tablet to prevent cyber attackers from eavesdropping on your private conversations. By mimicking the signal a live microphone creates, our Mic-Locks trick your device into believing the microphone is occupied, so hackers cannot use it.

•1 Signal Blocking Faraday Bag: Scammers can use RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to steal information from your phone, credit cards, passport, or even to unlock your car using the signal from your key FOB. Our signal blocking faraday bag protects all your valuables against attacks, and fits in your purse, briefcase or backpack. It’s the perfect travel companion!

•1 USB Data Blocker: Whether you’re traveling around the city or around the world, you’ll likely be charging your devices at airports, coffee shops, taxis, etc. To ensure that attackers cannot access your private data at public USB charging stations, use the USB Data Blocker. This portable device allows you to charge safely and quickly, so you can get back on the move!